Actress and Model Sanam Chaudhry have announced that she is quitting the showbiz industry for the sake of Islam, as she wants to spend her life according to the principles of Islam. And there is no doubt that nature has endowed her with immense beauty and talent.

If we talk about the age of Pakistani host-actress and model Sanam Chaudhry in the year 2021, then she has turned 30 years old. And she started her married life a few years ago by marrying Pakistani-American singer Somee Chauhan. And if we talk about the most successful drama of her past, then the drama serial Ghar Titli Ka Par tops the list with actress Aiman Khan.

Celebrating her birthday, Sanam Chaudhry sent an important message to her fans on her Instagram account. She wrote in her Instagram post that she wants to live the rest of her life according to the ways taught by Allah and His Messenger. And that’s what she said in her caption: My family welcomed me this way, on turning to Allah … this is so heartwarming.

After making this announcement, Sanam Chaudhry has also deleted her own photos from social media and left only some photos of her wedding on her Instagram. And she has also removed the name of the actress from her Instagram profile. Her new description says, A Muslim, a mother and learning Islam, the deen of our creator Allah.

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