Agha Ali

Agha Ali is one of the leading stars of our industry. Agha Ali is known for his plays such as My Beowulf, Band Khairkian, and Lost Heart. Agha Ali recently gave an interview to an Urdu news portal “Urdu News” which caused some controversy. In a statement, Agha Ali spoke about the artificiality of women in the industry and the reality of his wife Hina Altaf.

“I’ve met a lot of girls during my work, many of them became my friends but most of them were artificial, which means they weren’t what they used to be. Working with has made me realize that she is a very real person. There is nothing wrong with that, she is telling the truth and running her own business. “

Agha Ali’s statement was once again widely criticized. People are calling him for the decision of others. Some people thought that Agha Ali was indirectly referring to Sara Khan. Let’s take a look at the comments:

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