Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan is a talented Pakistani actor who has done many hit plays. His dramas include Khani, Eshqiya and Khuda and Mohib at the top of the charts. Last year, the actor announced that he was leaving the showbiz, but after this announcement, he did not leave the industry. Later, Feroz changed his mind and spoke about coming back to showbiz, after announcing his resumption of acting, he suffered a lot of beatings and he is still facing it.

Feroz Khan

Now, amidst all the reprimands and previous controversies, he made one more announcement, announcing the inclusion of boxing as a profession. Yes, in an interview with ARY News, he announced that he would join boxing as a professional and go to the United States for training. As soon as the fans faced this statement, they started cursing it again.

Some fans said that it is a game of money, he has money, he can go anywhere and do anything. One fan said that now his sheikh (religious scholar) has ordered him to go for boxing. One fan asked him why he was joining boxing. The fan also said that Muhammad Ali quit boxing when his health deteriorated. The fans were worried that he would do something instead of fighting. Many fans said he was just announcing. Some fans suggested that he do whatever he wanted, without telling his fans. One fan said that whatever is announced cannot achieve its goal, one should keep one’s plans secret.

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