Aqsa Afridi

Shahid Khan Afridi is one of the biggest stars of Pakistan cricket. He was loved by millions of people all over the world because of his powerful sixes and aggressive bowling. Lala has a large following and people follow her professional and personal life.

Shahid Afridi was a guest with his daughters (Aqsa Afridi) in Samaa News sports show gam set match for Eid. Her lovely daughters shared some beautiful pieces of their Eid routine, how they get Eid from them and like to spend time with their cousins ​​on Eid.

His daughter Aqsa shared some interesting insights about her Eid celebrations in Karachi and her village. He said that he enjoys celebrating in Karachi because all his cousins ​​live in the city and his father is not strict while living in Karachi. While in their village they can’t go out much according to tradition and there are not many things to look for. She said that she likes to go to her village but Karachi’s Eid is definitely better.

Listen to interesting story of their Eid celebrations: