Ayeza Khan

Pakistani television actress kinza khan more commonly known as aiza khan is widely celebrated for her milky complexion and sharp facial features which makes her a Pakistani goddess Read more: Sara khan reveals why she was admitted to the hospital however now netizens are forced to call it ‘ugly’ as social media users see aiza’s color ‘dark black’.

This clip is from a TV drama serial since 2007/2009 and was followed by a lot of views due to aiza’s ‘appling appearance’ which is totally opposed as it is now The clip is:

A netizen commented: ‘money speaks my father’. This comment is emphasizing that aiza now looks so attractive because of spending massive amount of money on getting her face to look like this. Also read: aamir liaquat responding to allegations levelled by third wife many commented on how ayeza completely changed herself through cosmetics and other whitening products. Another netizen commented: ‘she wasn’t ugly. She was poor ‘. Here are some comments:

Ayeza khan is a 34-year-old Pakistani television actress who is the recipient of lux style awards, we awards and Pakistan international screen awards. Watch: video of Indian cop song ‘bhar do jholi’ goes viral aiza khan is considered Pakistan’s most famous actress and she is seen in mega hit Pakistani serials including mere paas tum ho aur pyare afzal

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