Azim khan’s reaction has also come to light on his allegations.
In one of his video statements, azim khan described those who criticized himself as rainforest insects, saying that despite the existence of the law, what is the need to make a spectacle on social media without any evidence?
Great khan said that without any evidence you can ruin the life of someone who comes for the reputation of two points? When our intention is to marry and spend our lives, what will be the benefit of doing all this?
Great khan said that whatever was in the past of saba does not matter to me, nor does it matter to saba that what was in my past yesterday, we are interested in each other today and in the future.

He added that this is my last answer for the accusers, now report against me and post that report on social media, then I will answer you, after today I will not answer any of your allegations until you talk to me regularly and systematically.

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