Some beautiful pictures of ayeza khan and mehwish hayat dressed in uniform are going viral on social media. Looking at the pictures, it was difficult to decide which actress looked the sweetest. Both are top actors of Pakistan regarding acting. Ayeza khan has dominated the drama industry while mehwish hayat has become a film heroine.

If we talk about the age of aiza khan in 2021, she is 29 years old while mehwish hayat is 36 years old on the other hand. Mehwish has stopped working in Pakistani dramas for a long time and she has just become a movie actress. On the contrary ayeza khan only works in Pakistani dramas and does not like to work in movies.

Ayeza khan is currently one of the most followed Pakistani actresses on instagram. At the moment they are behind about half a million people on instagram. On the other hand, mehwish hayat has confirmed in her interviews that looking at instagram followers to find a new actress has become a tradition in our showbiz industry.

But in today’s article we will see that when ayeza khan and mahesh hayat wear the same dress, both actors look like princesses. Many people started saying that both actresses are cute. But if we are asked, our decision will be that ayeza khan looked more cute. So let’s show you pictures of two actresses together in the same dress.

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