Zaid Ali Wife

Zaid ali is one of the most popular youtubers of Pakistan. A few days ago he Shared pictures of his pregnant wife yumnah on her social instagram account. He also wrote that yumna and I will soon become parents. It is clear that zaid ali is from Islamabad, Pakistan, but his family has moved to Canada for a long time.

If we talk about the age of famous Pakistani youtube zaid ali, he is only 25 years old now. And he started his married life by marrying yumna at a very young age. They have been married for about three and a half years. But both of them were deprived of the blessing of children before this. But now yumnah and her husband zaid have given fans the good news that they will soon become parents.

There is also something special about zaid ali that he makes every kind of video on every content with great skills. While he has won several awards of his great videos. And now in the year 2021 the number of followers on youtube channel has exceeded 3 lac. Undoubtedly by making videos on youtube they achieved everything they dreamed of in life. Just a few days ago he gave his father and mother as a gift on their wedding anniversary.

But in today’s article we

will see that the wife of famous Pakistani youtuber zaid ali has become pregnant. And she’s going to be a mother very soon. Zaid stabbed his stomach to remember those moments with his wife. Of course, this will be their first child. If you also want to see pictures of Zaid Ali and his wife together on this occasion, take a look.