Reema Khan and Shaista Lodhi

You all know that these days nida yasir is doing her morning show on ary digital channel at 11pm during the month of Ramadan by the name of shan sehri. Their show pattern is exactly what the morning show is but there is a difference in timing. And that’s why she invites special guests to her event and then interviews them.

Now this year, raima khan and shaista lodhi, hosts of the queen morning show for the first time in Ramadan 2021, also attended shan sehri. Let us tell you one thing here that the live morning show program on almost every private TV channel of Pakistan is now closed due to loss. Only nida yasir is seen doing morning shows on ary digital channel. And that’s why these friends now have the opportunity to meet on nada’s morning show.
With nida yasir reema khan.

A few days ago, shaista lodhi and reema khan attended their Ramadan special program at the invitation of nada yasir. Reema and shaista’s friendship can be judged by the fact that they were both dressed in the same color. And both the morning show hosts and actresses looked so cute and their faces looked like princes and when some people start saying that even after reaching the age of 40 they look like twenty-five young girls.

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