Everyone loves to dance at friends’ weddings. Whether you know how to dance or not, everyone is crazy about happiness right now. And of course, these moments are captured on camera so that the boy can remember them again a few years later after watching his wedding movie. And that is the beauty of marriage.

You all know that Sultana Siddiqui is the founder of HUM TV channel. And she is running this channel with great success and HMTV dramas are loved all over the world including Pakistan. Last night, Sultana Siddiqui, grandson of Shahmeer Sonid, celebrated Mahinda with the participation of famous Pakistani celebrities. They include Mahira Khan, Sanam Jang, Momal Sheikh, and Bushra Ansari.

But many of you will know that just a few days ago, Bushra Ansari’s sister Sanbal Shahid passed away. And he suddenly stopped crying because of the current epidemic. and of course. This is a great shock to Bashari Ansari and his entire family. But we were surprised to see Bushra Ansari dancing at Sultana Siddiqui’s grandson’s wedding in this atmosphere of grief. I’m sorry to say that he probably doesn’t regret losing his sister. Click on the link below to watch a video of her dancing.