Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is one of the big stars of Pakistan. He writes excellent scripts on television, draws crowds in cinemas and Pakistanis love his game show Jaito Pakistan. Fahad is an actor, producer and host wearing all the hats he can and always manages to impress. Fahad Mustafa got married to Sana Fahad and the couple got married at a very young age. They have two beautiful children.

Fahad Mustafa shared his beautiful love story when he appeared as a guest in Noman Ijaz’s G Sarkar. He revealed that he had dropped out of college while his wife Sana, who was his classmate, had completed her degree. Fahad said he had dropped out without a job and that his father and Sana’s father had died against the union at the time. They were both very young.

Things however, fell into place and Sana and Fahad got married. The rest as they say is history. They are super happy together and are blessed with Fatima and Moosa, whom we also see sometimes on Jeeto Pakistan with their dad. Listen to Fahad Mustafa narrating his love story below: