Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan is a talented Pakistani actor who has done many hit plays. His dramas include Khani, Eshqiya and Khuda and Mohabit at the top of the charts. He is now in the news to return to boxing as a profession. Recently, we are seeing that Feroz is giving a lot of interviews after the great success of Khuda or Muhabat 3.

Feroz Khan

Recently, she was invited along with Tabish Hashmi in Season 3 of TBH where she talked about one of her crazy female fans.

Talking about the crazy female fan moment, Feroz said that once he was a VJ for a show and there he came across a female fan when he had to use the washroom in the middle of the show. He said, “I was going to the washroom with my team. They were taking me to that place. Later, I sent the team back and went to the washroom. When I came back, I I saw the sound of someone walking behind me. When I looked around, it was the face of the girl I had been looking at for months. The face was already fixed in my mind because I saw her very much on my seat. She just came and saw me. “

He kept saying, “I asked him, yes ?, he said he wanted my number, he grabbed me by the collar and asked,” then I gave my uncle’s number because I was in a strange situation. At the time, I also wondered how anyone could be so aggressive for a number, “Feroz said.

“Then my uncle called me and said someone called and asked about you, uncle smiled too,” he said. Feroz added that another day he called and said “Please fix this thing, it is getting out of hand, she is desperately asking me for your number”.

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