Hanish Qureshi is a talented and beautiful social media influencer, he is also a well known face in the media because of his father Faisal Qureshi. Hanish works as a fashion stylist in a well-known magazine. He is a very playful person who shares a wonderful bond with his friends and family.

The social media influencer is very active on her Instagram, where she updates her fans about her daily life.

Recently, Hanish shared with her followers her daily skin and hair care routine. She said she routinely takes care of her skin and hair to eliminate the damage caused by excessive use of make-up. She said she first noticed a lot of dark spots and discoloration on her face, which was disturbing, as her skin is mostly exposed to sunlight. He said he has seen a major change in the condition of his skin since he followed the proper skin care system.

Talking about her skin care routine, she said that she washes her face with Skin Experts Hydra Face Wash which is available from Skin Experts Clinic. She then uses normal hyaluronic acid + B5 serum. After the serum, she used The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension with Steve’s Skin Collagen Moisturizer. It was her skin’s routine that helped her get rid of the complexion and dark spots.

She used L’Oreal Pro Methyl Oil for her hair because she said her hair color was treated and needed a lot of care. She applied oil to her hair. Hanish says that hair oil easily tangles her hair and that is why it is highly recommended. Here is the link to the video.