Aadi And Faizan Enraged Maria Wasti

Famous couple Adeel Adeel Amjad and Faizan Sheikh are known for their comedy and they also host a comedy show. Adi and Faizan recently performed in Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

When Ahsan Khan asked Adi and Faizan if any guest got angry because of their humor. Aadi shared an incident when Maria got angry in a part of the show, in which Audi was playing a child who could not remember her name. After that the issue was resolved and they went to Maria’s show as well as guests. Adi also said that he was really new to the industry at the time and did not know about the ups and downs.

Maria Wasti is a legendary actress in our industry and has been a part of many mega hit dramas, now she is more inclined to host.

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