In the first interview, actress and model Ikra Aziz revealed why she decided to marry 36 year old actor Yasser Hussein at the age of 22. There is no doubt that this couple is one of the most talented actors in the Pakistani drama industry.
This phase is achieved by iqra and yasir who work day and night. Because not everyone is destined to be famous at such a young age.
Ikra Aziz about her marriage to Yasser Hussein at 22 years old “She should be young as an actress. But I fell in love
Actress Ikra Aziz’s drama series “Huda Aur Mohabat” – Season 3 with Ferose Khan is currently being followed by huge success worldwide. And the drama also broke the record for the most popular drama series Meray Paas Tum Ho by watching it on YouTube. Anyway, Ikra Aziz is already on the list of actors whose dramas were successful before coming. And of course that’s a sign of a great actress.
Caviar Aziz is part of a middle-class family and lived on Burns Road in Karachi until he entered show business. And when she started getting jobs in minor roles in show business, she readily agreed to work. Because in his mind he had to do something with his life. He continued to do what he could find and never looked back. Truly, God appreciates the work

But in today’s article we will see a famous YouTuber ask you in an interview why you married Yasir Hussain so early, at 22 years old. So look how sweet he answered. Listen to this video by clicking the link below.

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