A horrific incident took place in Lahore when Ayesha was harassed by a mob of 400 people in Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore on the occasion of Independence Day. After the incident, when Iqrar al-Hassan visited Ayesha’s place, people started accusing her. Many netizens said he was only doing this for the sake of his show ratings and others added that he could have any kind of relationship with this girl because the person who was there with Ayesha was in one. He was seen wearing a “normal” shirt. Her previous photo

Here the Video:

“I swear to God that what I did was neither a publicity stunt nor a rating act. We just wanted to meet this brave girl who He himself registered an FIR against them.

“Rambo, the person who is always with Ayesha in his videos and photos, told me that he had been a part of Team Sri Aam Volunteer Force for a long time, so he was seen wearing Team Sarah’s shirt.” There are over a million registered volunteers, I have no direct contact with any of them as they have been given the responsibility to work on their own.

“I have no idea what the background of the video is but it is completely wrong to accuse Ayesha. She used to make ticks and videos so she does not hesitate to be in front of the camera, it does not mean that She was not afraid of what would happen to her. Now is the time to change ourselves instead of blaming others.

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