London Nahi Jaunga

Actress Kabra Khan will be seen in two upcoming feature films this year. She will be seen in London Nahi Jaunga and Abhi. The shooting of both the films is almost complete and both are in the final stages of editing and completion.

The actress recently appeared on the Independent News program on YouTube in which she talked about not going to London, she also talked about her film Abhi.

Talking about the upcoming films, Kabra Khan said, “I will not go to London. I can’t tell the dates for the films but both the films will come out this year. I have worked hard for both the films. Worked with Rashid. The first time we became good friends but we did not share the screen so it was good to work with them in London not. Of course in LNJ we worked with Mahesh Hayat, Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig and Gohar. I enjoyed working with Gohar Rashid, it is still in progress and we are working on it, let’s hope for the best “