Sajal Aly Expecting Her First Child

Mother is expecting her first child. Pakistan’s most famous couple sajal ali and ahad raza mir are celebrating their wedding year in the entertainment industry. Ahad is not only the family member with the relationship of the entertainment industry. His family has been for the last three generations and is in the entertainment industry. His grandfather raza mir was a successful film director and creator of the Pakistani film industry. His father, asif raza mir is a famous television and film actor and film producer. Ahad and sajal are celebrating a wedding anniversary in Paris, ahad raza mir started his acting career in 2014 as a stage artist in Canada. They have appeared in several popular plays, including “the tempest”, “the picture with the bell”, “gerbet”, “westside story”, “invaders”, “romeo and Juliet” and so on.
He also directed and wrote several screen plays.

Sajal ali has participated in several popular television films such as “bihad”, “back in time” and “yun hum mily”. In 2016, together with actor feroz khan, he starred in the dramatic film “zindagi kitni haseen hai”, which made its debut in the film industry. Fans and social media users lake this lovely couple wishing them happiness and happiness for many years.

Mother is expecting her first child
She starred in high school television series’ nanhi ‘, revenge series’ chup raho ‘and mantal drama series’ khuda DE raha hai’ and was nominated for the best actress in lux style award
Recently ahad was seen playing continuosly with ummrah wisdom and other friends where sajal apparently did not exist. Meanwhile, sajal ali posted in his stories, calling on the family to get a life.

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