Ismat Zaidi Divorce! My daughter was growing up, I told my husband that you should marry another but do not divorce me, I did not want to break my house in any way, but my wife finally divorced me.”

Pakistan drama industry’s ever-happier and most gracefull actress asmat zaidi says these things while interviewing a private channel. Asmat zaidi’s life continued to fluctuate. During the interview, he said that he wants to tell the story of his life to the people so that the new generation can create relationships and build relationships, as well as he wants to do his work so that there is no burden on his heart

The moment that changed life
Asmat zaidi says that man and especially girls should be very strong. Talking about the surprising moment of her life, asmat says

“One day my son came home on vacation and the children were jumping on the bed, all four of us were so happy that moment I thought in my heart,” o god, what do I ask for you, I have everything.” And soon after that day my husband suddenly found another woman and in a few weeks the situation changed so be it a boy or a girl I tell everyone always be strong, life doesn’t know what happens to the next moment. The work of life is to keep growing and we must always keep growing”

My in-laws are ideal
In response to a question, asmat zaidi said that my in-laws are so ideal that it is fate to meet such in-laws. After the divorce, the in-laws gave full support and never asked me why I was coming home for so long or never doubted. My in-laws are so good that to this day I live with them “when the husband married another, the in-laws said,” we had married rape and it will be with us.”

.”The former husband was not a bad man
Asmat zaidi says that her husband was a very good man, she was not a bad man. When asmat started working in plays, her husband happily supported them and said that the amateur should do as long as you want but the house should not be ignored. Asmat thanks that he had started acting long before the divorce, due to which he never had to face financial difficulties.

The second marriage did not do that
Responding to the second marriage question, asmat says that one thing was sitting in his mind that men were not sincere, so he never thought of another marriage. Apart from this, his life was so busy, the in-laws and the children always supported him so much that he never missed anyone in life, but now he thinks that children are busy in their lives and they sometimes feel lonely, but they still have no doubt about life.

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