nida yasir

Nada Yasir is one of the celebrities in Pakistan who faces a lot of trolling. Nada is often told about her dressing, her show content and what not. This time it is an old video of Nada Yasir, which brings a lot of trolling in his path.

The video clip is of Nada Yasir’s 2016 morning show. Two young men who made their country famous by building a Formula One car were invited to Nada Yasir’s show.

The video was first shared by Drama Online many years ago and is now back on the Internet. In the video, Nada asks guests about her project. Nada was unable to understand the concept of Formula 1 racing car and the name “Formula Car” seemed to be new to her.

Since the video has reappeared on the internet, people are actually unable to digest what Nada Yasir said in the live show. Twitter is full of tweets regarding this video. #Nayasir is trending at No. 3 on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some tweets:

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