Qasim Ali Shah Breaks Silence On His Leaked Pictures

Qasim Ali Shah is a well-known Pakistani movement speaker, contemporary teacher and author. He owns the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation and is considered a role model for young people.

Qasim Ali Shah

Recently, Pakistani motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah broke the silence after his private photos went viral on social media. Numerous photos of Qasim were circulating on the internet, while many users pointed out more rude photos and videos in the coming days.

Qasim Ali Shah

After a public outcry on social media, Qasim Ali Shah cleared the air about his viral photos. The motivational speaker has created a YouTube video to illustrate his position. Qasim said the viral images, which contained his personal data, were posted on the internet after data was stolen from his mobile phone.

The selfies, in which Qasim can be seen standing without a shirt, are his personal photos taken at his residence. He added that the pictures are about three to four years old and there was nothing objectionable in the pictures as they often wear such clothes when they are at home. Addressing the controversy, he said that “it was speculated that more obscene images and videos would be leaked on the Internet”, however, he clarified that “everyone is waiting for the image and video.” He is definitely not coming. “

Qasim Ali Shah has already approached the cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and lodged a complaint for further action.

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