Minal khan and Saboor Ali are well known actress of the Pakistani drama industry. And no introduction is needed. The role of manal khan and saboor ali is quite popular. Last days, both actors become guests of ahsan khan’s showtime out with ahsan khan. Saboor ali is already famous because of his bold dressing. The drama serial was criticized by fans for their bold and bold dressing in nature, but even then the drama was super hit. While manal khan was always seen by people in eastern clothes which is why people are crazy about these two sisters. But it can be seen in the pictures. Both of their hairstyles were also changed.

Both actress are currently among the top actors in the Pakistani drama industry. And take charge of working in any drama. A few days ago, Saboor Ali celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday, but unfortunately his sister Sajal Ali and brother Muhammad Ali could not attend. Saboor ali is twenty-six years old and is still single. While the actress has announced to get married soon.

Manal khan, the second guest actress of the show, is also engaged. She has quietly engaged to actor Ahsan Mohsin Akram. This good news she Shared with his fans on instagram in hidden words. Minal khan’s drama serial jalan in which she appeared in a negative role became extremely popular. Minal khan’s acting was also liked very much in the nand drama. Minal khan’s twin sister aiman khan is also thinking of returning to the showbiz industry after a period of three years, meanwhile she is connecting with her fans through instagram. Aiman khan and Munib butt’s photoshoot for bourjan shows is rapidly going viral on the Internet.

But in Ahsan khan’s showtime out with ahsan khan both actresses appeared in western dresses. Saboor ali had done his dress well, but Manal khan looked a little confused in this dress. Manal khan Shared pictures on instagram and turned off comment section. Both actors are being criticized by fans. And people say Pakistani actors try to imitate bollywood. Pictures you can see.

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