Pakistan’s leading actress saba qamar zaman has given up the intention of marrying blogger azim khan.
According to details the actress has Shared a note on social media platform instagram in which she has announced to take back her great khan marriage decision.

Addressing her fans and followers on behalf of saba qamar, insta story and post say ‘she wants to make an important announcement, due to many personal issues she has cancelled her marriage with azeem khan, now we are not getting married’
‘I want to make one more important thing clear that I have never met great khan in my life till today, my and great khan’s contact was only on the phone,’ he added.
He wrote at the end of the post that ‘I am going through a lot of time, but we all know that this time will pass too, insha Allah.’
However azeem khan Shared actress saba qamar’s post as a story on her account in which she wrote that she didn’t write the story on my side and yes it’s my fault.

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