Talking to private media, Resham said that I may not deserve any award, but do globally senior actors have such opinions for their junior actors?
SHe said that an opinion that would cause harm to the hard work and struggle of a junior actor year after year, the big actors actually have a big heart.
While praying to actress sakina simms, resham added that god should give them more honours but they should also consider the reality because when someone tries to degrade another person, in fact, he shows his quality and character and not the other.

It was believed that a few days ago, actress sakina samas had spoken to the private media about the presidential award and in the meantime criticized ali zafar and resham.
He said it took me 40 years to reach this point, sadly the government awarded such a great honor to people like ali zafar and resham who I don’t really think deserve it.

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