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Actress and model sarwat gilani made a video and went viral on social media after seeing her son praying for the first time. The viral video shows the father and son praying out loud together and unfortunately a 50 inch TV screen powered netflix show on the back side. People didn’t like this style at all. People said that sarwat is busy making videos but the TV was not stopped by picking up the remote.

Talking about the age of Pakistani actress and model sarwat gilani in the year 2021, she has become 38 years old and has been divorced once in the past. In 2014, he married fahad mirza and started his married life again. Let’s tell you one thing here that her husband is a doctor by profession. But because of his passion for acting, he sometimes looks like an actor on TV screens. And after the marriage of fahid, sarwat has become the mother of two sons.

Sarwat gilani is also counted in Pakistani models who have won many awards. Now she has stopped working in new Pakistani dramas and she just likes to give time to her in-laws. In addition, she also shares daily videos with her fans on the youtube channel in her free time. It would not be wrong to say that sarwat gilani already has all the skills that an actor and a model must possess. And that’s why she looks like a young girl even after 15 years in the showbiz industry.

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But in today’s article, we will see that Pakistani actress and model Sarwat Gilani shared a video of her son and husband praying on Instagram. In the viral video, it can be seen that a Netflix show is playing behind the prayers. Sarwat doesn’t have time to turn off the TV in a few seconds, but she’s busy making videos. If you also want to watch that viral video,

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