AAmir Liaquat 3rd wife

New young Pakistani actress and model hania khan has revealed that she is the third wife of amir liaqat hussain. And he has Shared photos, videos and whatsapp chats with amir liaqat on social media. He also told in his video statement that amir liaqat’s second wife, syeda tuba amir, did black magic on him. And due to which he had to move to the hospital in an emergency.

Amir liaquat has just started his married life by marrying syeda tuba aamir for a second time a few years ago and has divorced his first wife syeda bushra. And after the divorce, her children live with their mother. The emerging Pakistani actress revealed that she and amir liaqat have been talking to each other for a long time. He also Shared a screenshot of whatsapp on which amir liaqat’s Numbers are also mentioned.

But amir liaqat did not deny or confirm the news but hania khan’s facebook id is full against amir liaqat. He added that amir liaqat and I were ready for the third marriage but his whole plan was failed by his second wife syeda tuba amir. And then she used to think all these things very carefully in front of the public. Let’s tell you one thing here that hania khan is an actress, model, and famous host. So let’s watch the video in which he revealed that he is amir liaqat’s third wife.

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