Drama Chupke Chupke

Many of you may not know that the drama serial chopke chopke was written by the famous writer saima akram. Before that, she has written successful plays like chanda and love jalebi. She told some hit in her interview that her plays were based on real-life stories. Somewhere in which the individuals of our society are being reflected.

Hum TV drama serial chupke chupke is currently being watched with great popularity worldwide. People are enjoying the performances of aiza khan, usman khalid butt, meera sethi, ali safina, sidra niazi, arsalan naseer, and aiman saleem. And every role in this play is trying hard to win the hearts of the audience. And there is no moment when watching this drama that man does not laugh.

But when she was asked who is meenu’s role in the play, she said that he belongs to my friend. She also said that all of you guys know this friend. She also Shared the name with the public that the character belongs to misbah nosheen in real life which aiza khan is playing in the drama. You will be surprised to know that misbah nausheen has written successful plays like love, love, and seal. She also said that she has now become a mother of two children but in real life she is still like that.