Rabia Butt is a rising name in the industry, we are currently seeing her as Nargis in the drama serial First Love and she has completely captivated the audience with her admirable acting skills. Rabia Butt recently gave an interview to Something House in which she shared her two cents on the topic of dressing up our industry ie actresses and models.

“If I say that people should not wear revealing clothes and that those who are wearing these clothes are doing wrong, how can I say that I am wearing them? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Rabia Butt said, “Now that I have learned, I don’t say anything anymore, I show it by my actions and I don’t wear revealing clothes.”

He added: “I’m clearly not in favor of it. Everything I can’t see with my family or in front of them.”

Summing up the argument, Rabia Butt said that pornography is a problem of our society but there are many other big issues that need to be addressed.