Yasir Hussain is a well known Pakistani actor, host, writer who has been associated with the showbiz industry for a long time. There is nothing that this man can do. He has eyesight, he has talent, he has humor and he knows how to rule people’s hearts. He officially started his career as the VG of Fire TV where he worked for about 2 2 years but he did not pursue it for the rest of his life and decided to change his field so he Turned to acting and writing.

Recently, Khani, Khuda mera b hai and popular film screenwriter Asma Nabil passed away in Karachi. The news broke on social media late Thursday night when celebrities and fans began to offer condolences.

Recently, Yasir Hussain shared a screenshot of his last conversation with author Asma Nabil on his Instagram story. Check it out!

May the departed soul rest in peace!