Zoya ALi Breakup

Zoya Nasir and Christian Bethzaman became the talk of the town when Christian Bethzaman converted to Islam and proposed to Zoya Nasir. Zoya and Christian suddenly became part of the light. The couple was planning to get married and had their own drum. Recently, news started circulating that Zoya and Christian had a breakup when they left each other behind on social networking sites.

Zoya officially announced her breakup in a recent Instagram post: “It’s heartbreaking that I’m announcing that Christian Bethzaman and I will no longer be engaged to be married.”

Unlike many other celebrities, Zoya shared the reason for her breakup with her fans and followers who were emotionally attached to her, saying: “All of a sudden my culture, my country, my people and my religion I have taken it because of my intolerance. It is a difficult and unavoidable decision. “

Zoya also wrote: “Humility, Tolerance and Respect towards each other are the virtues that we must always adhere to. I look upon my Allah to provide me with the strength to deal with this worldly emotional wreck. I wish Chris a bright and happy future”

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